Managing Employees in Crisis: Best Practices for Start up’s, Co-operate and Non-Profit

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During the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak, managing employees in crisis can be daunting. As many companies have switched to a work from home policy. It is quite important to know how to manage our human resources. This is how you can adapt to this new normal.

Sticking back to basics

Any organization or company that is trying to achieve this new normal must focus on simple basic Indicators to redesign the job and enhance Employee engagement. It includes

  • Task Identification
  • Skill variety
  • Task Significance
  • Autonomy
  • Feedback

Following are the best practice you can follow if you are managing employees during the crisis:

Motivation to the employees:

Employees are the ones who are most affected by such a crisis. While working from home they might not be intrinsically motivated and engaged so. It’s the company’s job to provide them with extrinsic motivation. It’s often said that“80% of people who are employed are disengaged. So the job must be assigned to them according to their area of expertise.”

Managing virtual recruitment:

Virtual Recruitment is one of the most challenging things for a company to do during the crisis. Virtual recruiting may also help you field a much larger pool of candidates and help you diversify your staff. On the other hand, it can raise some legal and practical considerations. While virtually recruiting there are certain do’s and don’ts that every organization must follow.

Things to do

  • Adapt Cybersecurity Measures
  • Confidentiality agreement between the employer and employees.
  • Use of e-recruitment tools
  • Conducting web-based selection test
  • Skill mapping to avoid lag time
  • Continuous communication to balance drift

Things not to do

  • Don’t micromanage
  • Never put an unnecessary burden on the employees

Manage the performance of the employees:

This could be another challenging job for any organization or a company to do during work from home. So it’s very important for an organization to maintain the KPIs of any employees. In addition, they can also take the help from different online platforms such as Monday, Trello, Slack, etc.

“Focus on Adaptive performance than radical performance”

Other key things also include:
Access controls for the network must be given to the employees.
They must be provided with proper IT support in the form of tutorials, knowledge, Item sharing.
There must be legal permission and certificates for cloud storage.
Data backups must be automated and real-time.

In this period of uncertainty, it’s very important for everyone to stay strong and keep the flow of work going.

Check out our recorded webinar to have a deeper knowledge and an international perspective.

This webinar Managing Employees During Crisis: International Perspective was conducted by – in collaboration with Ascendifly, Antarprerana, King’s College, and Genese.


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