Mentorship at Girls in Tech Nepal – the whys and the hows

What is GIT’s  Mentorship program?

The Girls in Tech Nepal Mentorship program is tailored especially for young women involved in the field of technology and entrepreneurship but not limited to these fields only(We provide mentorship on a wide range of career fields). The goal of the program is to identify and solve the obstacles keeping mentees from achieving their professional as well as personal goals. GIT mentorship plan creates a platform to enable contact between mentor and mentee so that mentors can provide his/her guidance, experience, and knowledge towards the benefit of the mentee.

We call it a world-class Mentorship program for a reason. Our global Mentors are highly professional in their domain at the same time they are driven by passion. The success of our mentees is our sole purpose of bringing some of the big industry giants here as Mentors which otherwise may or may not have access to because of their busy schedule.

Why mentorship?

Sharing our knowledge and experiences about our profession across generations is more important now than ever especially in fostering the success of the next generation. Keeping this in mind, the Girls in Tech Mentorship Program takes a three-tiered approach to create valuable interactions across demographics: building quality relationships, action-oriented projects, and confidence-building.

The mentoring process is valuable to both parties involved, the mentor, and the mentee as the mentee often shares a new perspective to the mentor, and the mentor often learns more about themselves through the process. The obvious benefit is that the mentee receives guidance around decision-making, career pathway visibility, and thinking outside the box about possibilities of the future. The main objective of this program is to create customized goals for each mentee around career development.

Why should you apply for this?

Students/Freshers looking to excel in their careers and want to learn from experienced global mentors should apply for this program. Our first batch of Mentorship is highly focused on final year college students and recent graduates from different educational backgrounds looking to excel in their careers.

This mentorship culture is not solely based on professional growth only. It is a great opportunity to improve your communication skill, networking skill, and interpersonal skills. Not only you get to learn from these mentors but you can also share your thoughts and ideas, talk about your personal conflicts and work closely with a mentor, and learn from their stories and experience.

Our Process:

Our streamlined process gives everyone an equal opportunity to get their spot. Our mentees will be chosen through a screening and online interview. This Mentorship allows you to get connected to your designated domain experts with 1:1 access through different virtual ways like call, video call, and online event. Mentee gets an opportunity to build supportive relationships with their mentors and can open up to his/her Mentor for not just professional but personal growth. This 3-month long program can be life-changing for anyone looking out to break through their most challenging aspect of the career.

Mentorship is all about receiving criticism, constructive criticism, and using it to your own advantage!

Apply here for the mentorship program:

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