Savior in The Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: Runa Jha

Savior in The Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: Runa Jha | Girls in Tech - Nepal

Fictional heroes wear capes but amidst this pandemic we found a real-life hero wearing a white coat, Dr. Runa Jha.

Dr. Runa Jha is the Chief Pathologist and Director at the National Public Health Laboratory which is the only lab authorized to conduct COVID-19 testing in Nepal. Jha and her 67 team members are working day and night keeping public safety their first priority as doctors. They usually get 60 to 70 samples a day in an irregular interval.

Disregarding one’s personal lives, family, a spouse in these vulnerable times is pretty hard yet a brave thing only a few people(even professionals) have the guts to do. In such hard times, Dr. Jha has constantly managed to motivate her team time and again, whenever they feel down.

She was included in UN Women’s ‘Five women on the front lines of COVID-19 response’ due to her sacrifices during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a national achievement that has made Nepalese proud all over the globe.

Globally, women make up 70 percent of workers in the health and social sector and are at the front lines of COVID-19 response. Forty-two-year-old Dr. Runa Jha and her team are front-line responders to COVID-19 in Nepal. She recently spoke to UN Women about the personal sacrifices and tireless work it involves and asks for public support.

Also, let’s take this brief moment to express our gratitude to all the frontline workers fighting for us during this pandemic.


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