Importance of Virtual Job Mela during a COVID-19 crisis

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What is a Virtual Job Mela?

Virtual job mela is an online event where job seekers and employers will connect with each other through audio/video conferencing tools: zoom and will be screened/interviewed for your job also hired if you match the requirement. It is similar to a traditional career fair except for the fact that you might just get hired at the comfort of your home and who wouldn’t want that?

Importance of virtual Job Mela

As the recent pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, every IT company and many businesses are now operating from home. The culture of Work From Home(WFH) has increased rapidly and virtual has become the new normal. Virtual Job Mela or virtual career fair is a new term but as we are forced to stay at home for our own safety, it has become a necessity.

The following are the reasons why this Virtual Job Mela is a need of an hour for recent job seekers and IT employers.

1. The digital industry is booming: As digital transformation has taken over the world, it’s a part of our life now. I think it is safe to say that the era of digitalization has begun and the COVID-19 pandemic has fastened its pace, scale, and necessity.

2. Skilled Manpower is jobless right now: the COVID-19 crisis has made many small company/ business owners forced to lay off skilled manpower. Where on the one hand lots of experienced manpower is jobless, many big IT companies are looking for expansion and skillful people.

3. Need to move forward: According to saying “The devil tempts all other men but idle men tempt the devil”, staying idle does no good but due to this unfortunate turn of events staying at home has created a workless/idle situation for students and freshly graduates. Soon enough the world will move on, so we also need to move forward. The main aim of organizing virtual job mela is to help create job opportunities and a positive environment for people so that they can utilize their time wisely doing some productive work and learning new things in this leisure time.
4. Lessen the mental burden: Surrounded by deaths and chaos can affect one’s mental health. Many of us focus on physical well being but being sound mentally is equally crucial. As our daily routine is disturbed and many traditional businesses will shut down due to social distancing. All these things have an impact on our well being. In order to lessen this negative effect, an engaging activity like virtual job mela might help to explore new areas for professional success.

5. Economy upliftment: Virtual Job Mela is a sign of hope for many people. This event is to highlight the growing IT Industry and the need to engage the nation’s youths who are the future. Even in such a situation, IT companies are up and running so the WFH culture is increasing. The goal of organizing this virtual job fair is to enhance the right competence for economic growth, involving deserving candidates to make at least an individual’s economy stable and secure.

6. Blessing In Disguise: Not too long ago people working remotely were mocked, but now most people are working remotely. This culture is flourishing and fostering. Since companies are going online, virtual job fairs create easy access to job portals with minimal cost and more reach.

7. Time utilization & experience: This is a perfect opportunity for job seekers to gain exposure and network with various employers. Getting involved in such events also improves interview skills, building resume skills, formal interaction, etc.

To conclude, virtual job mela creates opportunities for the people who need it. It helps gain experience, knowledge, and exposure in time where people are cooped up with the inside house.

Join us for the first ever Virtual Job Mela an online event organized in collaboration with Girls In Tech Nepal,, and Genese Cloud Academy on 26th May 2020.


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